LIFEPAK Physio Control 9



Physio Control Lifepak 9 Features

The Lifepak 9 from Physio-Control, a microprocessor-based unit, is available in models: 9, 9P (pacing), and 9A. These units have a built-in recorder and sealed lead acid battery back-up. Lifepak 9s meet current ACLS standards and allows for 17 energy selections, HR alarms, 5-lead monitoring, recorder and CODE SUMMARY critical event record. The Lifepak 9 is defibrillator/monitor, cardioscope, and non-invasive pacemaker. It provides 17 energy selections, heart rate alarms, three-lead ECG monitoring, recorder and Code Summary™ critical event recorder. The microprocessor-based Lifepak 9 includes an internal battery supply and is available with optional pediatric paddles, internal paddles, pacing cable and pads, and ECG patient cable and leads. Isolated ECG via Quick-Look defibrillator paddles, Fast-Patch disposable defibrillation/ECG electrodes or three-lead patient cable.

  • Defibrillator with ECG and recorder
  • The Physio-Control LIFEPAK 9 defibrillator/monitor was designed to meet the needs of clinical, biomedical engineering, and purchasing professionals throughout the world
  • This unit issimple 1- 2-3 operation and user-friendly display, plus its compact, portable, space-saving design, revolutionizes in-hospital defibrillation
  • ECG Lead Selections: STD, Paddles, I, II, III
  • Input: Isolated ECG via Quick-Look® defibrillator paddles, Fast-Patch® disposable defibrillation/ECG electrodes or three-lead patient cable
  • Patient Cable Length: 13-foot total length (10-foot w/ three-foot leads)
  • Common Mode Rejection: 100dB min. with respect to chassis ground and 65dB min. with respect isolated ground, when measured at 60Hz (common mode range for patient cable input is 10 Volts peak w/ respect to isolated ground)
  • Monitor Display Size: 4” (w) x 3” (h)
  • Sweep Speed: 25 mm/sec

Physio Control Lifepak 9 Specifications


  • Dimensions: 35.2 cm x 29.7 cm x 31 cm, 13.9” x 11.7” x 12.2” (h x w x d) 12.7 kg (28 lbs)
  • 160 Watts maximum while monitoring with recorder ON and defibrillator charging
  • 120/240 VAC nominal line voltage without adjustment
  • 50/60 Hz, with adjustment in SET UP menu
  • Type: sealed lead-acid, 16 Vdc nominal, 3 amp-hour
  • Capacity: anew, fully charged battery will provide one of the following prior to shut down: 75 360J discharges and 90 minutes of monitoring
  • Low battery indicator: advises operator to connect AC power
  • Charge time: 24 hours to full capacity
  • Waveform: 5 msec monophasic pulse
  • Energy Select: external paddles –1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,20, 30, 50 Joules

  • Charging indicators: flashing lamps on paddle and front panel pushbutton along with increasing stored energy display indicate charge in process. Upon full charge, energy available is displayed on monitor and charge completed tone sounds
  • Charge time: charge to 360 Joules in less than 10 seconds with a fully charged battery
  • Lead selection: std, paddles, I, II, III
  • Input: Isolated ECG via Quik-Look® defibrillator paddles, Fast-Patch® disposable defibrillator/ECG electrodes or 3-lead patient cable


  • Dimensions: 102mm (4”) wide x 76mm (3”) tall, non fade
  • Heart rate meter: 3 digit readout displays rates from 20 to 300 bpm. Heart rates outside this range do not yield valid systole tones or heart rate display
  • Heart rate alarms: user-selectable alarm limits. Three high/low settings (150/140, 120/60, 160/90)

Thermal Array Recorder

  • Other limit options available via SET UP menu
  • Paper size: 50mm wide x 30 m
  • Paper speed: 25mm/second
  • Delay: ECG prints 8 seconds after first appearing on the monitor
  • Frequency response: non-diagnostic available via SET UP menu
  • Annotation: time, date, ECG lead, ECG gain, heart rate, defibrillation parameters, test load discharges