The Accutorr V monitors vital signs non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), and temperature (Temp) for a single adult, pediatric, or neonatal patient. Temperature is measured using the optional Temperature Module.

An Accutorr V contains an NIBP module, SpO2 module, a rechargable Lithium ion battery, and an internal printer.

The Accutorr V features front panel digital displays for Mean Arterial Pressures, Temperature, and Interval Mode Timer. It has extra large displays for the Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse Rate, optional Temperature, and SpO2 with a choice of Nellcor, Masimo, or DPM. The Accutorr V incorporates a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to view stored measurements and to access system setting menus.

On all units, temperature can be measured with the optional Predictive Thermometer Module (SmarTemp). All units are equipped with a recorder module for documenting NIBP, pulse rate, SpO2, and temperature information. Each printout includes the time and date of each measurement.

The Accutorr V stores a maximum of 1,200 groups of measurement data in memory. These 1,200 groups of measurement data are shared by the number of patients that are monitored (one patient at a time) by the Accutorr V. When only one patient is monitored, the Accutorr V can store up to 1,200 groups of measurement data for that one patient. When more than one patient is monitored, the Accutorr V can store any number of measurements for each patient provided the total number of stored groups of measurement data for all patients equals 1,200 or less.

The Accutorr V has an Interval Mode that enables the unit to take automatic NIBP measurements at timed intervals. Alarm limits can be set for Accutorr V parameters. All alarm violations are indicated by an audible alarm tone, flashing front panel displays, parenthesis around the violated parameter on the recorder printouts, and reverse video on the Trend display. The Accutorr V can operate from a battery.